A new President

With trepidation I look at the next four years with a new president in the White House. I have lived in the US for 21 years now, however I am not a citizen yet, but in my heart I love this country and I would love to continue to live here without the fear that one day the rules may change for people with a Green Card.
This is a great country, a country of opportunities. It shows that anyone can become the President, be it an actor or a multi-millionaire who has bankruptcies or lawsuits as baggage. (I am imagining Trump as a boy proclaiming that one day he will be President. What do you think he felt when it came true? His face is very hard to read).
I have hope, but I do not have trust.

Isn't it interesting when the topic of politics comes up, Trump supporters start to avoid a discussion or cut you off mid-sentence, probably because they are not able to argue as they are not well-informed at all and only know how to repeat one slogan: 'Make America Great Again'. And then they start to become confrontational and insulting. Well, they have a great role model, no eloquent speeches there.
I had to unfriend a few from FB as their language was appalling after Meryl Streep's speech. You really do not have to wish her death and call her a fucking bitch. That is truly not necessary. Everyone has a right to speak.

So, I have decided to participate in the Women's March tomorrow because "Women's Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women's Rights".

I just hope that this will be a peaceful march as the rhetoric of the past year has been insulting to many. Minorities, women, immigrants, the LGBT community, natives, people of color, and people with disabilities.
This is a peaceful march for Human Rights, for everyone.

Winter Wonderland in So-Cal

After many years of drought we are experiencing a really wet winter this year. Finally the rains have saturated the hills around us and the young green grass is sprouting like crazy. This spring will bring
beautiful flowers everywhere. I am sure the desert will bloom and display a work of wonder this year.

We have had a lot of snow up at our cabin and enjoyed a few wonderful days, filled with long walks,

 quiet evenings in front of the fireplace,

and some great wine and food at home for the humans.
This is a good start into a new year.

A late New Year's post

A new year and no resolutions.

Last year has been a sad year for us, losing my dad so suddenly after a very short period of illness was a tough one. I do miss him a lot, but what breaks my heart is my mother's pain of a life without her soulmate. She has lost a lot of weight having no appetite and also as a result a lot of muscle, especially in her legs. Now she needs to use a walker as she is too weak to stand on her own. The doctor is making regular house-calls to check on her. Luckily, she lives in the same house as my sister and has her full support.

So, I decided that this year I will live for the moment, for the Now. I have no plans, no goals and no desire to make them. Let each day bring what it brings and I will deal with it. After experiencing a loss in your family it tends to bring you closer together as you support each other, comfort each other and mourn together. At this time family is priority.

I do have a feeling this will be a great year. It may have its ups and downs, but we will jump those hurdles.
I am late with a new year's post - I guess I had not planned on it. ;-)

So here is to 2017 - Goodbye 2016, you were a bitch.

NaBloPoMo 2016 - The End

Well, I have made it this year and have written almost one entry every day in November, except for two days during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I may fill these entries in later. I may also add some photos afterwards as I go through my old albums.
This is my journey - Part 2, Life in Berlin ended with our move to the United States.

I cannot say enough, how lucky I am to have been a witness to so many global events in my life. After going through the revolution in Iran, and leaving our home almost head over heels, we arrived in Berlin which was still in the midst of the Cold War. Living in West-Berlin felt like living on an island, that was not surrounded by water, but locked inside a communist controlled country. We never thought that this situation would ever change, but when we witnessed the fall of the Wall. We were elated. What an experience to have been there.

Today in the U.S. we almost saw a female president win the election, after having witnessed the acceptance speech of an African-American President, what could have topped that? But we have been surprised or let's say 'trumped' by an outsider.
We will see what the future shall bring.

Thank you for reading my blog.